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Try this refreshing summer recipe

Try this refreshing summer recipe


A finger-licking salmorejo


Salmorejo is a hearty dish. It incorporates cereals, vegetables, and healthy fats. It is also suitable for all dietary preferences and it’s a delicious way to increase our vegetables and water intake, making it a perfect meal for children.


Manchego, Andalusian, strawberry or watermelon salmorejo… the options are endless! Víctor Gutiérrez, our chef at Elba Estepona Gran Hotel & Thalasso Spa, is an expert innovator in this dish. He has worked in Mallorca, Menorca, Sierra Nevada, Puerto Banús, and even Milan. Thanks to his experience in Michelin-star restaurants –including Andra Mari and Alameda– he can now create masterpieces, such as this salmorejo.

Black salmorejo on sautéed scallops and salmon caviar

If you want to impress your guests, Víctor Gutiérrez is sharing the recipe for one of his star dishes at Elba Estepona. Take note!

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The best tapas in the south of Spain

The best tapas in the south of Spain


Standing or sitting. On the beach or at a bar terrace. Anywhere is good to have tapas, especially during the summer.


In every holiday, there is always room to enjoy the local food, as it is a different way of discovering the local culture.

It is said that the term ‘tapa’ (‘lid’ in Spanish) was created centuries ago, when a piece of bread or ham was placed over the glass to keep the insects out. Nowadays, apart from being a fun and different way to eat, tapas have become an element for socialising. Who has never ‘gone for tapas’ – at least in Spain?

In Andalusia, tapas go perfectly with the climate: they are colourful, refreshing, and many are ‘freshly fished’ from the Mediterranean.


Traditional Andalusian tapas


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Be a chef for a day. Recipe for floral beef tenderloin

Be a chef for a day. Recipe for floral beef tenderloin

Do you have a special celebration approaching? An anniversary, birthday, Christmas dinner….Whichever event it is a good excuse to surprise your partner, family or friends with a very special meal.

Today we are pleased to reveal one our favourite recipes and teach you how to make a floral beef tenderloin, decorated with seasonal flowers, a truffle infusion and  


150g of beef tenderloin 

For the Tulip Case:

20g of butter

20g of all purpose flour (for pastry baking)

20g of egg white

5g of sugar

A pinch of fine salt

Winter flowers (borage, pansy, lavander etc., etc.)

Fort he Truffle Infusion:

Beef stock

Black truffle


For the sticky cocoa dressing

10g of cocoa powder

50g of wax

For the ‘Cous Cous’:

Fresh cauliflower

Horn of plenty mushrooms


Selection of garden vegetables and dehydrated winter mushrooms


First, make the tulip as this is the most time consuming.

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