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Say goodbye to this year with Elba Hotels

Say goodbye to this year with Elba Hotels


Celebrate the end of the year with Elba Hotels. Discover the best dinners, parties and promotions in accommodation.


One of the most anticipated times of the year is approaching: Christmas. It is time to enjoy with family and friends; to meet with those people we see only on special occasions, but with whom we would like to spend all the time in the world.

Preparing your New Year's Eve party in a hotel is always a good idea, although you may have never thought about it. At Elba Hotels, our clients are like family and we know that this is a perfect time to disconnect and have fun. Therefore, if you want to spend Christmas Eve or New Year in a hotel, we would like you to come with us

Keep reading because we have very special promotions to make your Christmas unforgettable. If you have not decided where to go at the end of the year, you will be very interested in what we have to tell you.


Discover the New Year’s Eve and Christmas offers with Elba Hotels


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Meet Emma Ángela González, waitress at Elba Hotels

Meet Emma González, waitress at Elba Hotels


Today we share with you the story of one of our employees about her life and her work with us. They make everything possible.


Next June, Emma, a waitress at Elba Castillo San Jorge, will not only turn 20 as an employee of Elba Hotels, but also as a member of our big family. Our partner began with us almost by chance: “One day I came to have a drink at ‘La Barca’ and they offered me to work at the hotel”.

Her great experience as an employee is evident in every detail, since her main priority is "to make the customers who visit us happy, making them enjoy the time they spend with us to the fullest." And it doesn't surprise us because the attention she provides to our guests is extraordinary.

When we ask her what she likes most about her daily life at Elba Castillo San Jorge, Emma doesn't hesitate for a second: “The best thing is direct contact with customers, seeing that they feel comfortable and have a good time with us and, above all, see familiar faces return to the hotel every year”.

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Get fit while practicing golf

Get fit while practicing golf


Golf is a sport that will surprise you the first times you practice it and with which you can get fit. Find out more with Elba Hotels.


In addition to proper nutrition, sports are something that all experts recommend to lead a healthy life. For many, it can be difficult to find that sport with which to feel comfortable and enjoy: running, swimming, playing football, paddle tennis ... If you have tried everything and have not yet found your ideal sport, read on. In today's blog we will encourage you with a very specific proposal: practice golf.


Golf, a sport for all audiences


Practicing golf is very beneficial for our physical and mental health and is recommended for all ages. The average level of injuries is very low and they only occur when you don't have a correct knowledge of how to play, but don't worry, learning golf is simple

In addition, without realizing it, in a field of about 18 holes, you can walk around 17,000 steps on a day of golf. Being a sport that is practiced in a relaxed way, you won't even realize how much you have walked.

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Spend your best New Year's Eve in the Mediterranean

Spend your best New Year's Eve in the Mediterranean


Do you want to spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve but you don't know how? In Elba Hotels we have the solution and it is called Mediterranean.


The last night of the year has something magical and that is why it must be of celebration and joy. We dress in our best clothes to celebrate the transition to the new year, leaving the past behind and focusing our illusion on the projects that are to come. If you still have not decided what to do on New Year's Eve, we have a proposal that you will love: celebrate a Mediterranean New Year's Eve.

As we know that one of the things you like most is traveling, do not hesitate: prepare your suitcase and come to Mallorca! Your special New Year's Eve awaits you on this beautiful Mediterranean island where we opened Elba Sunset Mallorca just half a year ago.

Therefore, it will be the first New Year's Eve of Elba Sunset Mallorca and we will celebrate it in style, with a great New Year's Eve party in whose preparations we are already working to make it an unforgettable night.


Your best New Year's Eve in the Mediterranean


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Book your next vacation with the Black Friday limited offer at Elba Hotels

Book your next vacation with the Black Friday limited offer at Elba Hotels


Do you want to save up to 25% on your next vacation? Then do not miss the offers that Elba Hotels will launch during the next Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


The origin of Black Friday dates back to the 60s in the United States. The day after Thanksgiving, small businesses eliminated red numbers from their accounts and turned them into black numbers thanks to the start of the Christmas shopping season.

The first place in which this term was coined was in Philadelphia, where city police called it “black Friday” because of the high traffic and volume of people who went out to the streets of the city in search of their first Christmas shopping.

Regarding the origin of Cyber Monday, this is more recent. This day with promotions and offers was created in the 2000s with the aim of promoting online shopping. Unlike now, at the beginning of the 21st century consumers were reluctant to buy online.


Book your next vacation at Black Friday with the Elba Hotels promotion


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