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Why entertainment teams are so important at Elba Hotels

Why entertainment teams are so important at Elba Hotels


At Elba Hotels we have fantastic entertainment teams; find out why they are so important to us


The entertainment teams are in charge of welcoming guests, but also of livening up our evenings with leisure and free-time activities for adults and children alike. Their role consists in making everything much easier for you during your holidays and today, on the Elba Hotels blog, we want to thank them and familiarise you with one of the most important professional tasks in our hotels.

The soul of our hotels

“Entertainment is the soul of the hotel; it is how people get to know each other," says Atilio Bachinello, general manager of entertainment at Elba Hotels. He is in charge of coordinating the different activities that take place at the chain’s 15 hotels. The activities vary depending on the time of year and also the number of entertainers; it is important to understand that the entertainment is not only intended for children.

Among the most highly-demanded activities are water-related: "Aquagym, Latin Aquagym Latino, Waterpolo, giant balls, slides, barbecues... Most guests participate and, those who don’t, have fun watching the activities in the pool," says Atilio. 

Kids enjoy it the most

They’re the ones who want to come back to the place where they sang, danced and felt at home. "There are shows in the evenings in which professional numbers are combined with performances by the children. We have many types of costumes in many sizes. For parents, when their child appears in a show, it's the best show in the world," says the entertainment manager.

The kids enjoy the entertainment teams the most, both in specific locations such as Pepeland or the MiniClub, as well as in the rest of the outdoor activities. All this makes them want to come back, and it creates a bond and makes their friends want to also experience the Elba Hotels entertainment events.

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