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Visit the Canary Islands in winter

Visit the Canary Islands in winter


A visit to the Canary Islands doesn’t only happen in summer. We’ll tell you all the reasons to take a special getaway to the Canary Islands in winter. Find out now!


The healing powers of the sun are always the best driving force of natural medicine for the body. It improves muscular resistance, benefits the immune system and produces vitamin D. Taking care of your health is essential and, if you do it in a place like the Canary Islands, it can become a special experience. Today we’ll tell you the five reasons why you should visit the Canary Islands in winter.

Because there’s nothing like starting the year off right

You don’t need to go far to enjoy good weather, the sun and the beach, and a calm, relaxed culture. Without a doubt the Canary Islands are a special destination where you can enjoy the hidden wonders of the world.

Special coves, spots where you can connect body and mind, typical villages and much more— always good options for a weekend away. With your family, with friends or with your special someone, the Canary Islands, thanks to their pleasant climate, are an ideal destination to pack for lightly and enjoy.

Their beaches will amaze you

On Fuerteventura you’ll find Sotavento beach, with its fine golden sand and calm waters— good for discovering a dream location and making beautiful memories. However, La Concha, small and cosy, is another option where you can have privacy, relax and enjoy. Both are must-sees on your trip to the Canary Islands. If you opt for Lanzarote, Papagayo Beach is the best place to feel like you’re in a fantasy and to take some breathtaking photos.

Because our hotels have everything you’ll need

Our hotels on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura beat to the rhythm of the islands, and we know how to help you enjoy an escape from the snow and cold. Also, our new promotions are very difficult to turn down.

Who cares if you don’t like the beach?

Something that really stands out about the Canary Islands over other destinations is that they offer tourism for all tastes. Excursions to Teide, visits to volcanic landscapes, hikes through lush forests, water sports and more. There’s no excuse! Because you can also enjoy the day-to-day life of the islands among their peaceful villages. 

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