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Using age-old wisdom for our well-being

Using age-old wisdom for our well-being


We’ll tell you how to relax thanks to certain beauty and wellness treatments hailing from distant, exotic cultures.


A treatment for each ailment and massages born from the age-old knowledge of other cultures that become therapies to help to alleviate certain pain and discomfort. People are becoming increasingly interested in alternative treatments to address their health problems or, simply, to pamper themselves.

Traditional massages

The Hindu cranial massage comes all the way from India to the Thalasso Spa at Elba Estepona. An age-old relaxation technique that focuses on the shoulders, upper arms, neck and head. You can benefit physically, emotionally and mentally with this treatment, which is also based in aromatherapy.  But if you are one of those people who like to leave the spa with your batteries recharged, the oriental bamboo massage is for you. It favours energetic rebalancing, and lymphatic and blood circulation.

Japanese treatments

Our clients at the Elba Costa Ballena (Cádiz) also have several treatments at their disposal based on the age-old wisdom of certain civilisations. The Sakura ritual is an oriental method supporting well-being and beauty. It consists in an antioxidant facial treatment, accompanied by an effervescent sensory bath for your feet. This ritual makes use of the properties of the Japanese cherry tree, guaranteeing luminous, fresh skin.

For its part, the Balinese massage is performed by spreading warm oil over the body using slow and measured movements. It lasts 55 minutes, at the end of which the person experiences a state of deep relaxation.

As you can see, you don’t have to get on a plane to distant lands to enjoy the best of other cultures. Have a look at our centres’ spa promotions and book in advance. You can combine treatments with whirlpool circuits to enhance their relaxing and therapeutic effects.

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