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Tricks for learning to play golf

Tricks for learning to play golf


If you are just starting out in the wonderful sport of golf, here at Elba Hotels we’ll share a few tips and tricks as well as the top spots for playing.


Golf is a sport that requires moderate physical activity and some technique, and can be practised both individually and in pairs or groups. These characteristics make it appealing to both young and old and, therefore, more and more people are wondering how they can learn to play golf, the fourth most popular sport in the country.

Data tells us that the number of licenses has doubled over the last twenty years. This is largely due to the country's climatic conditions, with mild temperatures that make it easy to take care of the over 400 Spanish golf courses. More than one million tourists visit Spain every year just to play golf.

How to learn to play golf

Golf is a sport that you can always play, as it does not require extraordinary physical shape. The first step is to not be in a hurry to learn; there is plenty of time to perfect your stroke. The ball is still, but that doesn't stop golf from being a very precise sport.

Try to play this sport with others. Although it's a discipline that involves improving upon yourself, it also demands being highly involved with your partner or peers.

Another tip: take classes as soon as possible. You will learn the technique and all the different strokes and clubs. Otherwise, you will start your journey in this sport with certain vices that will later need to be remedied.

If you choose a nearby golf course to learn at, you will be able to establish a routine more easily and you will see how your handicap improves little by little.

Where to learn to play golf

Seeking out hotels with a golf course may be the most effective way to practice the tricks involved in learning to play golf. The Canary Islands have a great variety of courses to play at in any season of the year, thanks to its mild temperatures, and the design and good care of the greens. 


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