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Three age-old beauty treatments

Three age-old beauty treatments


At Elba Hotels, we’ve sought out three surprising age-old beauty treatments. All of these age-old treatments will make you feel better.


Sometimes your routine makes it hard to think beyond work, the kids’ school or the next getaway which is always around the corner. We take care of each other, but we do not always have the time to take care of our own body and mind, something fundamental in being able to continue caring for those around us.

This is why Elba Hotels brings you three treatments based on age-old techniques to help you recharge your batteries.

Hindu Massage

Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, is increasingly popular among Westerners. It is the oldest traditional medicine still practised. Its philosophy is prevention as opposed to a cure, treating the patient and not the disease, using massage as its essence. 

Based on traditional ayurvedic medicine, Elba Costa Ballena offers the Hindu Massage, a soothing massage using essential oils and pindas, ancient techniques for your well-being.

Japanese Matcha Tea Ritual

The tea ceremony is a ritual with its roots deep in Japanese culture. It consists of a ritual for preparing green tea (or matcha), a tradition that is over ten centuries old and taught in schools.

Based on this Asian tradition, the Japanese Matcha Tea ritual begins with the tea ceremony and continues with a deep-tissue body and facial massage with soft touches of matcha tea. You can book it at the Elba Lanzarote Royal Village.

Geothermal Massage

Geothermal therapy is an age-old oriental technique that enhances the therapeutic qualities of a massage thanks to the magnetic power of stones, heat and aromatherapy. The effect produced by the stones on our physical and psychic body’s energy is one of balance, relaxation and well-being

At Elba Costa Ballena you can enjoy the contrast between hot and cold volcanic stones and find a physical-energy balance. You’ll eliminate toxins while stimulating circulation and brightening up your mood.

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