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Take care of your body and mind

Take care of your body and mind


At Elba Hotels we are focused on taking care of you— both your body and mind. Lose those kilos or relax with these tips.


When our bodies begin to notice and show signs of excess, we tend to take care of our diet but don’t increase our sporting activity. The same happens when our minds are not at their best, and often we don’t stop to think about how to deal with it.

We tend to solve problems as quickly as possible, without making severe changes in our daily routine, the key to a fully healthy body and mind. With just a few changes to our day to day lives we can start off the summer stronger than ever!

Here are some tips for a healthier lifestyle.

The benefits of yoga

A total state of well-being is experienced when the mind and body are in full harmony. This is the goal of yoga, a physical discipline that is increasingly attracting more followers thanks to its enormous benefits.

It tones, increases working capacity, increases flexibility, improves blood circulation and more. There are many bodily benefits, but, undoubtedly, its main advantage is its enormous spiritual side. In addition to the relaxation benefits involved in this practice, we can add the strengthening of the immune system and an increase of energy, the latter often being conditioned by the mental aspect more than the physical.

How to take care of your body and mind

There are also other ways to find inner peace, something that has a major effect on our bodily health. Thalassotherapy treatments use the benefits of marine elements to eliminate toxins and brighten your skin.

Furthermore, the spa circuits are the perfect place to get your mind blank and enjoy the relaxation you so deserve, combining health, sport and beauty.

Don’t wait any longer! Consider these tips from Elba Hotels when preparing your body and mind for the good weather.

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