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How to protect your skin from the sun while enjoying your holidays

How to protect your skin from the sun while enjoying your holidays


Sunlight is beneficial for our health: it stimulates blood circulation, the production of vitamin D, it strengthens our bones, and improves our immune system. However, poor sun protection can lead to serious consequences. As today is the European Day for the Prevention of Skin Cancer, we wanted to share some advice.


Many people do not protect their skin from the sun, with excuses such as being in a rush to get to the water for a quick refreshing splash. This results in many not using any sun cream, or using expired products that no longer work.

Skin cells have memory. This means that sun damage accumulates daily. It all starts with sunburn, which may simply hurt a little, but which can cause premature aging of the skin, allergies, and sunspots and patches that can lead to melanomas.

Prevent skin damage during the summer

First of all, you must take into account your skin type. Everyone’s skin is different and must be protected accordingly. If your skin is light to very light, you must always use a factor 50. If it’s not very sensitive to sunlight, you can use factors 30 to 50. If it’s quite resistant, use factors 15 to 25, and if it’s dark, 6 to 10 should suffice. However, no matter what skin type or colour, it is preferable to avoid exposure to the sun between noon and 16:00.

In order for UV filters to work properly, you must apply sun cream 15 to 30 minutes before leaving the house. Contrary to popular belief, radiation starts to affect the epidermis as we walk to the beach or the swimming pool. During the day, you must re-apply sun cream every 2 hours and every time you come out of the water.

This frequency must be increased for children. Those under two years of age should not be directly exposed to sunlight; therefore, it is recommended for them to stay in the shade even at off-peak times for sun radiation.

It is also important to use sunglasses and a hat, as these areas are particularly sensitive to UV light. Apart from being statement pieces, they are our best allies to protect our skin, eyes, hair, and head from the sun!

Lastly, one last piece of advice: remember to examine your skin regularly. You should pay attention to wounds, spots, and even moles. If you find something that didn’t use to be there, do not hesitate to check with a dermatologist. Remember that caution and prevention are key to enjoying the sun safely.

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