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How to act at a Spa

How to act at a Spa


Find out the spa’s benefits and counter-indications. We’ll also tell you the rules you should follow to enjoy it to the fullest.


A spa is a place of rest that we all need to visit at one time or another, a sanctuary of peace where we must respect the well-being of the other people, just like at any other special place. You know how to act at the cinema or at a restaurant, but do you know how to at a spa?

Enjoy the spa

Towel or robe? The doubt is real. It is best to put on the bathrobe and leave the towel folded under your arm.

We use the latest technology at the Thalasso Spa, so don’t worry if you don’t know how something works. Just ask us— we’re here to help!

Remember, it’s not a pool. You must not swim or race and you must move around calmly. And as for your tone of voice, speak quietly— it’s impossible to disconnect with noise!

Although in many centres minors are not allowed to enter, we believe that children also have the right to relax. That’s why children from 6-14 years old can access the space during “family hours”, always accompanied by an adult: 11:00-13:00 at the Thalasso Resort, 10:00-11:45 at the Elba Estepona and 10:00-13:00 at the Elba Lanzarote.

Benefits and counter-indications

It should be noted that in very specific cases, a spa can be a counter-indication: during the first three months of pregnancy, after a recent surgical procedure, or for those with heart problems or infectious diseases.

In other situations, positive results are more than proven. Not only does it reduce stress and insomnia, but it can also improve the functions of the circulatory and respiratory system. Massages, on the other hand, are a great tool in recovery following an accident or surgery, or for pain.

In addition, spa circuits are particularly recommended for the elderly and pregnant women, as buoyancy can facilitate movement. 

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