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Get fit while practicing golf

Get fit while practicing golf


Golf is a sport that will surprise you the first times you practice it and with which you can get fit. Find out more with Elba Hotels.


In addition to proper nutrition, sports are something that all experts recommend to lead a healthy life. For many, it can be difficult to find that sport with which to feel comfortable and enjoy: running, swimming, playing football, paddle tennis ... If you have tried everything and have not yet found your ideal sport, read on. In today's blog we will encourage you with a very specific proposal: practice golf.


Golf, a sport for all audiences


Practicing golf is very beneficial for our physical and mental health and is recommended for all ages. The average level of injuries is very low and they only occur when you don't have a correct knowledge of how to play, but don't worry, learning golf is simple

In addition, without realizing it, in a field of about 18 holes, you can walk around 17,000 steps on a day of golf. Being a sport that is practiced in a relaxed way, you won't even realize how much you have walked.

Another advantage of this sport is that it facilitates socializing with other players, strengthening ties or creating new relationships. It's getting more interesting, right?


Discover the best hotels to practice golf


Now you will wonder where to practice golf. We suggest you the best specialized hotels in Fuerteventura, of course: Elba Palace Golf and Elba Sara Beach Golf Resort are equipped with the best facilities.

In addition to being hotels with a golf course, both have one or more day golf clinics to learn from the best professionals and organize conferences and events in which golf is the protagonist. In Elba Sara, thanks to its privileged location, many hits must be played over water; and Elba Palace Golf, has a specialized store that offers a wide range of leading brand products.

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