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Find out more about Christmas decorations

Find out more about Christmas decorations


Christmas decorations can be a real headache. From Elba Hotels we’ll tell you about some Christmas decorating ideas for your home.


Reds, greens and whites are the colours par excellence of Christmas and are foolproof when decorating. However, this could also be a great moment to let your creative side loose and be daring with innovative ideas. Elba Hotels has already got the ball rolling with its Christmas-inspired spaces and we’d like to share some tips for decorating your home.

Tree decorations

You definitely need a good fir tree; otherwise where would Santa Claus leave all the gifts? We don’t want to give anything away just yet, but how do you think the Elba Palace reception area is decorated for Christmas?

When decorating a tree, it is always a good idea to go for silver and blue tones, as they contrast nicely. If you are one of the lucky ones with a fireplace in your home, don’t forget to use gold details. They’ll match the fire! Another idea is to let the kids give the house their special touch using their own creations made of recycled materials. Let them be part of the Christmas magic!

Christmas decorations for doors

Welcome your guests with a Christmas flair! No, we don’t mean you should open the door all dressed up, but decorate the entrance with a Christmas wreath. You can’t go wrong with green tones, pine cones, holly and spray snow.

A perfect table

Is it your turn to host the Christmas family dinner? Don’t worry! Use combinations that adapt to your personality— there’s nothing better than just being yourself when adding that special something to the table for your guests- Every year Elba Hotels comes up with something innovative— a white tablecloth with gold details and a centrepiece decorated with candles, pine branches and Christmas ornaments. It always works!

But you can also be adventurous and use this season’s tones: purples, turquoise and mustard. Although if you prefer to be surprised, you can come dine with us and let our wonderful chefs amaze you.

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