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Autumn delicacies

Autumn delicacies


Have a look at these wonderful autumn menus with a Canary flair. We’ll tell you about the best seasonal desserts and fruit. Be a true chef!


Spain is known for having a wide array of culinary offers wherever you go. When travelling around the country, you can find seasonal delicacies which are exciting to taste. This is precisely why you should pack a suitcase with few warm clothes, get on a plane and go to the Canary Islands to try the autumn specialities! 

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Autumn recipes                                                                          

The “Fortunate Isles” also get chilly, but the temperature is much milder than on the Peninsula. It’s time to discover its seasonal recipes!

The cool air always begs for a good Canarian puchero, or stew, which undoubtedly gives a shot of energy to our bodies. And thanks to the vegetable-based ingredients— corn, beans, cabbage, potatoes and more— together with meat, it can cure even the worst cold!

We’ve already got our spoon in hand. Try this dish typically made by Canarian grandmothers! Escaldón is a traditional dish and one of the oldest recipes taken from the Islands’ cuisine. After boiling meat or fish broth, it is poured over gofio flour in a clay pot and mixed with lots of love. You can add various ingredients— can you guess which ones? Remember, they are autumn foods!

Autumn desserts

For those with a sweet-tooth who can’t resist sneaking a taste from their neighbour’s plate, why not end a meal with a bienmesabe?  No, we are not referring to a fried fish dessert...Bienmesabe is the name given to both this typical fish dish and to a dessert made with almonds which is usually accompanied by flan or ice-cream. It is sure to make your mouth water!

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